Heat and


from wood pellets




Till now no details were announced to the technical principle – now there is the first information about the construction of the electricity generating pellet boiler available.

OkoFEN_e is now getting Pellematic Smart_e.


This pellet boiler, with its integrated Stirling engine, is a further development of the Pellematic Smart – an accumulator tank with a pellet condensing module and hydraulic unit on the smallest space. 


Based on the previous success of the Pellematic Smart boiler, a similar concept has been used on the Pellematic Smart_e, with all the technical components united in a small space. The pellet burner and theStirling engine from Microgen are integrated into an approximately 600-litre accumulator



The result is the first electricity-producing wood pellet boiler from OkoFEN, which is compactly and attractively presented and requires only 1.5 m² of space.


The combustion concept of the already existing Smart boiler was optimised to encompass the requirements of the Stirling engine, and has been perfectly adapted to make use of the new technology. 



To achieve the best possible heat transfer at the heater head of the Stirling engine, which is where the heat is transferred from the flue gas to the Stirling engine, a special inflow unit has been developed.



As the wood pellet fuel is converted to energy in the boiler, there is a subsequent build up of unwanted particles on the heater head. OkoFEN's innovative solution to this is a fully automatic cleaning system, which has been developed for the heater head. This novel cleaning device has already been successfully tested on the OkoFEN test stand.


Why is this CHP system arranged in combination with a heat accumulator? 


In addition to the space-saving construction and the reduced heat losses, the integration of a pellet burner and a Stirling module into a heat accumulator also results in optimisation of the operating time. This means that a greater quantity of sustainable electricity can be generated at the same time as the heat accumulator is loaded with heat. The heat accumulator serves as a thermal energy store, which separates the heat generation mechanism from the actual heat consumption. Therefore, the Smart_e can also be operated when electricity is required but there is no heat demand in the building. 

For all of the gas-powered CHP systems currently available on the market, for example those by Viessmann, Vaillant and Boesch, external heat accumulator systems are used. The experiences of OkoFEN with the Pellematic Smart boiler has demonstrated that an integrated accumulator has many advantages in relation to the space required and capital investment costs, which is why the Pellematic Smart_e makes use of this novel concept. 


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