Heat and


from wood pellets




As the specialist in pellet heating systems and innovation engine of the pellet industry, ÖkoFEN is working on several projects with the target to bring the electricity generating heating to market.
Compared to the centralized electricity generation with fossil fuels, the electricity generating heating is clearly superior:


  • No heat loss as in the central power plant
  • No power line losses as in central power generation
  • CO2-neutral operation by the use of wood pellets
  • More independence from energy supply companies
  • More regional value creation through utilization of residual wood materials and avoiding energy imports


ÖkoFEN_e:  The next level

ÖkoFEN_e: The next level

Since August 2014 the first prototype of a more powerful version is tested at ÖkoFEN: The ÖkoFEN_e 5.0 project

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New headquarter & new installation of PE Smart_e

New headquarter & new installation of PE Smart_e

OkoFEN Belgium in double celebration mood: In December the new headquarter building in Kuurne was officially and ceremonial opened.

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Heat and Power from wood pellets at German headquarters

Heat and Power from wood pellets at German headquarters

Finally it’s time: The OkoFEN-Germany headquarters in Mickhausen is now supplied with both heat and electricity from wood pellets.

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ÖkoFEN meets Qnergy

ÖkoFEN meets Qnergy

New project partner and a higher output of electrical power – these are the key points of the new project partnership with Qnergy a company based in Israel and specialized on developing Stirling engines. Our target is to offer a power-generating pellet heating system also for the commercial sector in the future.

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