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Our mission is the realisation of an electricity-producing wood pellet-heating system.
So, what is so special about this concept? The answer is that OkoFEN is developing with the project series „ÖkoFEN_e“, CO2-neutral technologies with wood pellets as energy source, which can supply a building with both heat and electricity!
The most common and established type of combined heat and power production (CHP) is known as cogeneration, which is a system that has been studied extensively in the development of OkoFEN_e.



The principle of an Electricity Generating Heating


The overall goal of a electricity generating heating is to produce more efficient and more environmentally friendly electricity than with previously used technologies. The production of heat and electricity is made directly to consumers in their own building.

The principle of an Electricity Generating Heating

The comparison of conventional separate systems for providing heat and electricity with a electricity generating heating makes evident that the primary energy input is reduced with on-site and simultaneous generation of heat and electricity.
Electricity generation in large power stations and the transport of electrical energy by overhead cables are no longer necessary.


Large losses in power plants

The power plant and boiler system (in the graph on the left) needs a greater energy input (135 kWh) to produce the same amount of heat (67,5 kWh) and power (22,5 kWh) as the electricity generating heating (CHP) plant on the right. In addition, the power station with almost 63% of losses is a huge consumer of energy, in which the heat that is produced during the generation of electricity (= rejected heat) is not required and is deliberately lost in the cooling systems. Only 37% of expendet primary energy is actually converted into electricity
In comparison, the boiler (in our example an oil boiler) achieves a better efficiency. The traditional system of power plant and boiler system for producing both electricity and heat has a total loss of 34%, whereas the electricity-generating heating system (CHP) uses the total heat of the system, resulting in a very small loss of only 10%.


High overall efficiency by on-site electricity production

In the other hand, the electricity generating heating (in the graph on the left) uses all of the heat of the system, achieving a very low loss of only about 10%. Of 100 kWh used, 90 kWh comes in the house.
This reduction in losses is achieved by using the produced heat for heating and the omission of electricity transportation.

In the case of ÖkoFEN, the electricity is obtained from wood pellets. The electricity generating pellet boiler with integrated Stirling engine is -under the project names „Pellematic Smart_e“ and „Pellematic e-max“- currently beeing developed for different power ranges and afterwords brought to market.


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